Deckng question

How would you (or would you) report decking material that is buted togeather?

When I was in construction, I always allowed 1/4 inch between deck boards to allow for air flow and expansion in the wet season.

Inspected a new (replacement) deck where the decking material is snug. decking is of pressure treated variety if that makes a difference? This is the “wet” season here in the norhwest, so may shrink a bit when the weather drys out. Seller says deck installed during the summer dryer weather.


Not my Job it is not a safety concern so look and move on if the deck has no other issues.


You are correct with the general 1/4 inch spacing, it is to allow water to pass through, to prevent rotting, and ponding

I disagree it can be a safety concern if the water builds up. and then rot sets in.
And then what about WDO’S which that could be a conducive condition in WA, right Steve I did my WDO testing there, I would call it out if the condition was conducive.

I used to build decks with 1/4" but the wood would shrink too much across the grain. I went to 1/8" and had much less trouble. Some of the wood is pretty wet when when you get it.

with pressure treated 5/4" that is wet I always butt it as tight as i can and presto a few months later a near perfect 1/4"gap, just like magic…this only works on wet pressure treated or green lumber…other types must be spaced…jim

I just learned this today check it out regarding your Green lumber.

James, I was just about to say the same thing.

I agree, with pressure treated lumber, installs should be as tight as possible.

Water content is up in the 30’s and 40’s in some lumber yards.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ditto what James said, 1/4 now is over 1/2 in 3months if you’r talking about 5/4 PT