decorative foam beams

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Sure they look pretty good but…
OBC3.1.4.2. Protection of Foamed Plastics (1) Foamed plastics that form part of a wall or ceiling assembly in combustible construction shall be protected from adjacent spaces in the building, other than adjacent concealed spaces within attic or roof spaces, crawl spaces, and wall assemblies, (a) by one of the interior finishes described in Subsections 9.29.4. to 9.29.9., (b) by any thermal barrier that meets the requirements of Sentence, or © where the building does not contain a Group B or Group C major occupancy, by sheet metal, (i) mechanically fastened to the supporting assembly independent of the insulation, (ii) not less than 0.38 mm (

Hi Paul

You query might be better served by asking the manufacturer.
One question I would ask them; if their product is fire resistant.


I cannot find it under Ministry Approvals - BMEC

And is it CSA approved?

I have sent an email but I really don’t expect a reply. If I do, I’ll post it here.

I could not find any CSA approval or any mention regarding fire. As Claude has pointed out is does not appear to have Ministry approval.