Dedicated legal help for InterNACHI members

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that our General Counsel, Mark Cohen, will soon take more active role on the message board and will be able to answer member questions via the members-only Legal Advice for Inspectors forum. Our initial goal is to have Mark available to respond to message board questions at least eight hours each week. I’m delighted that we’re able to offer this amazing new benefit to members.

Mark has been InterNACHI’s General Counsel since 2005, and has extensive knowledge of our industry. After completing law school at the University of Colorado, he served four years as an Air Force Judge Advocate and two years as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. He served as municipal judge for the City of Boulder. He has written six articles published in the prestigious American Jurisprudence Proof of Fact series, including one on piercing the corporate veil. He serves on the Board of The Colorado Lawyer, and this year serves as the chairperson.

Mark should be starting some time next week.


Now this will be another Fantastic addition to all members. Way to go Nick, Chris and the whole NACHI Crew…


Thanks, James!

Awesome! This is something that is desperately needed here.

Great idea and a great guy a pleasure to have him aboard.
Thanks to Mark and all who managed to get him to help … Very much appreciated … Roy

Mark is awesome. This message board is really going to get good.

This should be interesting.

I can hardly wait

Fantastic. Although this is a benefit I hope I won’t need to use it’s nice to know it’s here if I need it.

I will soon be re-newing my membership for my 10th year with NACHI.

that IS awesome! always making my membership value go up!

I hope he shares his legal opinion in regards to ancillary services and warranties and how those relate to the SoP.


The SOP doesn’t cover ancillary services or warranties. We don’t need Mark to answer that one :slight_smile:

I will stick with Joe Ferry

Over the years he has saved me much more than I have paid…
(do not tell him)


Yea. Now, if we can just get our clients to read and understand our reports properly…

It will be interesting to test his knowledge of the laws in the various States :slight_smile:

Not that it will help us in Ontario I don’t think but it is great to see the Professional participants on the MB for legal help. We are looking into this also in Ontario for OntarioAchi Inspectors. No announcement will be made until we secure a lawyer.

Mark Cohen, did some seminar’s at the Toronto NACHI Show .
Fantastic he had many ideas and answered a lot of questions .
If he was here again I would recommend all to make sure you sit in one of his classes .
It was very rewarding for me .

Why go anywhere just get him to do one on webex or some other platform. I take hundreds of hrs in education this way.
He also could do one on InterNachi TV.

Sounds like you missed the Toronto NACHI conference .
I did many OAHI conferences and three NACHI conferences and sure enjoyed every one .
Unfortunately OAHI/CAHPI conferences are very ,very expensive .
The NACHI conferences where just as good and very reasonable .
You also get a chance to communicate personally with many great Homies .

Be great if we could have another NACHI conference in Toronto again.

Mr. Cohen played a key role in killing two heavily sponsored legislative measures in both houses that were fast-tracked for passage and becoming law for licensing Missouri home inspectors last year.

Home inspectors in Missouri owe him a lot.