Default Alaska Pesticide Control Program Confirms Absense of Subterranean Termites

Karin Hendrickson, Alaska Pesticide Program Control Coordinator, confirms absence of subterranean termites in Alaska.
Hi, Ben. We were just discussing spread of termites this morning. So far, we aren’t hearing anything. If we saw them, would likely start in SouthEast Alaska where it is fairly temperate. Our certified applicators down there are knowledgeable and often in contact with us, so I bet we’d hear from them if they saw anything like that.

Global worming… It’s on the rise, northward.

Can they even survive up that far north… I know British Columbia has a temperate climate in the south west side and termites are present there and in the Okanagan Valley area… but everywhere else it gets pretty cold and as far as I know no termites exist yet.

So far they exist only in southern coastal area of British Columbia, Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the very most southern part of Ontario (none up where we are yet - around 100 miles north of Toronto), the southern most part of Quebec and the southern coastal areas of the Atalantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick).

Everywhere else in Canada, so far at least, it is not an issue.