Defctive drain?

Seems to me that IF there is a trap beneath the floor at “B”, excessive water velocity might siphon water out of that trap. That’s just speculation. Anyone know of a defect for sure?

Trap can’t be more than 2’ below the fixture, except for a laundry dain, as I recall.

You got it Joe, found it in a couple of different places.

A= S-trap.

Not necessarily…

Isn’t “B” a support leg for the sink? I see an S-trap on a wet vent.

Looks like a drum trap at the bottom.

I’ve never seen a drum trap that looked like that (B). All the drum traps I’ve seen have been under the floor on tubs.

The photo label said it’s a double sink, but I didn’t inspect the house.

What exactly are you calling “B”? All I see is an adjustable sink support leg.

You guys are killing me here :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Brad! A frigguin’ support leg!
Get with it guys! Man! the inspectors that are being pumped out lately.
Can’t tell a support from a friggin drain! Dammit!

I was told it was a double sink but it’s not. You’re right. You can see the tip of the other support leg in the lower left corner. Hahahahahah… Yee hah.

Thank you ! You were killin Brad and I. LOL!
Too much tequila huh?