Defect Category

Hi my friends,

I have a question about structure inspection:
When a inspector see any kind of defect, is it required to categorized them in the report to say it is structural problem or not.


I’m not sure I completely understand your question. By “structure inspection” do you mean “home inspection” or just the structural part of the home inspection?

If I find structural problems (ceiling cracks, wall cracks, foundation cracks, etc.), they go in the structural section of my report. I’m not sure how I would categorize them… maybe severe, major, minor, etc., but I don’t do that. A structural problem is a structural problem and I’ll let my Client decide how to categorize them.


If a structural related drywall cracks is found I typically call it out in the INTERIOR part of my report and may include a statement like (See Item 2.3 in STRUCTURAL SECTION for more information) if the reason for the crack was located say in the crawlspace or part of a foundation problem.