Defect, Not A Defect?


2535 N 15th Street unit 7 5-21-09 010.JPG

2535 N 15th Street unit 7 5-21-09 011.JPG

Can’t make out what it is. I vote “maybe”.

Sorry Joe, they are standard fasteners used to attach a metal security door.

Just needs a good ole drill with no clutch and an ole phillips bit to round them screw heads out real good.

Just the unpainted trim would be my guess. Might wanna put some paint on the screw heads to keep them protected from the elements. Call it out but not a deal killer.

Darn…Just noticed the 4 slot screw…but still not a deal killer.

Pressure treated wood should always be installed when in masonry contact.

Non-standard, but I’m certain I could unload several magazines in the same time it takes you to remove those fasteners with your drill :wink:

Providing you were home. :smiley: I pointed it out as a defect, and recommended painting the wood.

  1. No flashing on top of the door.
  2. No paint on trim.
  3. Unprofessional installation of security door.
  4. Missing caulking on trim to reduce the chance of moisture damage behind the trim and stucco.


That stucco was on cmu wasn’t it?