Defect or no defect that is the question?

In the unfinished portion of the basement I noticed a do it yourself patched vertical wall crack. There was a puddle of water at the base of the crack on the floor and a stain from previous leaks. The house is 15 yrs. old poured concrete wall. In your opinion as a home inspector DEFECT or NO DEFECT?

Leaking wall crack.JPG

Defect. Visible signs of active water intrusion.

Thank you

Defect you can not fix a leak from the inside .

I agree Roy. Thank you

Although I agree on this one Roy but your statement that a leak can’t be fixed from inside is wrong.

Yoo Hoo John Bubber… You should have fun with this statement.

I agree wholeheartedly…!!!

No such thing as an Inside Fix…Nada, Zip, Zilch…Nothing will last unless the repair is made at the OUTSIDE.

My 2 cents…defect.

Mike, I cannot see/tell for sure eyeballing that photo, just wondering if that is a crack at-near a “control joint”. Is there a vertical indentation in the wall right there, right where the crack is?

And one can fix CERTAIN LEAKS from the inside such as, an open leaky rod hole in poured walls or if a leak is simply due to a dripping plumbing fixture in duh basement or, if there is a blockage in the clean out/lateral line or floor drain (plumber would snake duh clean out or duh floor drain) so as always, depends WHAT the leak is due to which is why its always necessary to FIRST correctly & honestly identify duh leak which is what interior terdball companies/salespeople do NOT do…got milk?

Here, leaky rod hole can be fixed on the inside IF done correctly

These guys have much more common sense that inside system companies
Pic 1. See the crappy DIMPLED membrane
3. Tell ya, look at that? lolol Incompetent!
4. Again, what was the builder/contractors thinking! And, where’s the building department/inspector? How does this crap keep occurring!
Its the same dumb thought process with basement walls, nobody thinks about waterproofing and backfilling them correctly! And 99% of the waterproofing companies these days are INSIDE SYSTEM MORONS, excuse me, water DIVERTING Co’s.

Yet it sure seems everyone on the planet these days professes/claims they are EXPERTS on basement waterproofing/foundation repair…NONSENSE baby!

Hi John,
No it’s not near or in a control joint.
Thank you for the info

The reason I posted the question is I called the leak out as a critical issue (defect) and am meeting some resistance.

How many consider evidence of leaks/staining a defect?

I note staining in the report if I see it but I don’t add it to the critical list. I’m curious to see if I am on the right track with this. I see evidence of moisture/efflorescence a lot here (Wisconsin).

Ok ! What is wrong about it ?.. Just asking !
My way of thinking is that if the moisture intrusion is from the outside that is where you would fix it.

No problem sir.

Am obviously not a HI but agree that the crack,leak is a defect and a COSTLIER defect versus say, a defect…a leaky plumbing fixture like a faucet.

A leaky roof with staining on ceiling to me, would be about the same as foundation wall defect/crack/leak…both more ‘critical’ than a leaky faucet etc.

No, actually, YOUR statement is wrong Kevin. There is no way to adequately repair this from the inside - unless, of course, you were to pour a new wall inside this failed wall.