Defect recognition CD available to NACHI members first, at a NACHI member price.

Their site is not working correctly

Isn’t this owned in part, or in whole by Claude Lawrensons group?

Ray it looks like it

Ray it looks like it
[BY-LAW NO. 1</B>

a By-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of


WHEREAS the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors was constituted a corporation without share capital by Bill
Pr 158, the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994, (the “Act”) for the following objects:

(a) to maintain high professional standards among the members of the Association through education and discipline;
The directors sure do a lousy job of maintaining an example of above!.( to maintain high professional standards).
(e) to publicize the role of home inspectors in Ontario, and, in particular, to publicize the full range of services offered to consumers in Ontario by home inspectors;
[FONT=Times New Roman]The directors sure do a lousy job of maintaining an example of above!..
(f) to seek and maintain affiliations with, and to co-operate with, other organizations having objects, in whole or in part, the same as or similar to the objects of the Association.
[FONT=Times New Roman]The directors sure do nothing that I can see of even trying to follow the above!

I Was on the CAHPI BB but I made the error of posting my name and phone # offering help in any direction if needed and was removed.
So Strange how NACHI gives help and information to all CAHPI/OAHI members at any time answer their question allow those who need info
Advertise their Conferences and in general just be good for all, in the Home Inspection industry.
[size=2]I find it so strange that the members allow them selves to be so intimated by the directors who still have not straightened out the false financial statements of the last few years .[/size]
[size=2]I also wonder why the membership continues the OAHI BOD to continue with a closed closed door association. Still after 11 years only 200± RHIs[/size]

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!
[/FONT]]( target=_blank><P> </P><P>So Strange How OAHI/CAHPI treats those who are not part of their association . The Directors do not follow their own rules .</P><P> I have one of many who have laid charges against a director. I was told that I had to wait my turn as others where ahead of mine . They sure must have a pile of oustanding charges as mine is about two years old and I still await my turn to give my evidence in their trial. </P><P> They still give little information to the members .</P><P> They do not communicate with NACHI or its members even thought the OAHI Bylaws say they should .</P><P class=MsoNormalalign=center><B><FONT face=)

Interesting post. It’s unfortunate that some may want to read something out of this. Certainly Harry Bradford is a partner in Inspection Support Services Inc., however Bowerstreet and this offering is a separate and distinct identity owned by Harry Bradford.

Hopefully this may clear up your question related to conduct.

If I was in the position to offer something tomorrow, under the private name of my own home inspection business, it does not mean or imply that it is owned by ISS, or moreso that it is illegal or a matter related to misconduct. If you feel otherwise than think about every time floor space is offered at the national home inspectors conference, or meetings - we would indeed not have a plague of issues?

Furthermore, it is also my general understanding that Nick approves of such promotions, (good, bad or indifferent - caveat emptor) as long as there is a discount offered to NACHI members.

Nice to see NACHI listed on the Links Page at above site. That must burn David Bottom’s Bottom! Ouch!

BTW the listing on the CAHPI site for Harry takes you to his sales page wherein he sells his wares, don’t see anything about inspections per se, looks more like a product marketing page fwiw.