"Defect Recognition & Report Writing" online course

Good Morning, I was instructed in the video to introduce myself.
Gordon Hauptman
Gila Home Inspections (just a name, not operational yet :slight_smile:

Thank you Ben. this is just what I need right now…

Starting the course today, need some ideas on length and detail of comments.

How the heck do you take a picture of report writing for the writing assignment!?!?

Looking forward to learning a better way of wording my reports as I have yet to gain certification. This association is excellent in its training so far. Working on Mock Inspections.

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Getting ready to start this coarse. So happy it is offered as I am new to the industry.

Hi all, starting this course, my third this year so far. Really finding them to be informative and useful. I hope to learn about the task of putting what I see into words.

Just finished this course as a new home inspector - I’ll have to say I think this course should be required for every home inspector. I feel confident in writing my narratives now.


Commit to the agony of good, concise report writing. Take the time to write well and accurately. The rewards may not be readily evident, but in particular make sure your images compliment your narratives.
The value of a course like this cannot be emphasized strongly enough.
Thank You…

Starting this course today.

I am about to start it now.

Ready to begin this course and #knowledgeup

Hello, my first name is Matthew but I go by my middle name, Kyle. I am taking this course to help me translate my report in narrative content. I fear and struggle with writing the narrative content. Sure, I can Identify and observe, but writing it down in context is where I have mind block. I am hoping this course will help me with the Inspection and Writing Report & Research and Writing Reports in my courses.

I am ready to begin this course!

I am taking this course even though I have been writing reports for over two years. Can always learn more.
I went to start my renewal process for my Alabama Renewal license and they have added several new requirements. One is to have a continuing education credits of 15 hours, which I have, but you read the fine print - on the actual requirement page from the state, ONE of the course (of the 15 mentioned above) needs to be “Report Writing” in the last 2 years.

If you read this, take heed that your state my change things. I have until the 31st of December. glad I looked.

Thanks for the education opportunities.

Looking forward to taking this class. Any other east central Florida home inspectors that have any wisdom to pass along to a new member of the industry, I would be very grateful.

Sounds like this course will be very helpful in my report writing understanding.

I am just now starting the 4 mock inspections. I think this course will help me with creating better reports.

Hey all! My name is Chris Hopkins and I am looking forward to learning and applying the info throughout these courses.

I also wanted to take this course to help out with the mock inspections.