Defect recognition

What is the most important defect here? Can you spot it?

Picture 045.jpg

All I can tell from that pic is that they are 30 amp fuses.

Looks like 3-wire NM inside the LFMC. Other than that, it’s difficult to see much. . .

Box upside down ?

30 amp fuses on #12 wire

The disconnect is mounted correctly, the handle and blade attachment is broken and the handle is in the off position, all wiring is still “hot” due to the break in the handle…The “blades” are still in… Granted, it is a little hard to see in the picture.

The disconnect is broken…no way to shut it off safely

dad burn it we posted at the same time. Do I still get a prize?

No, notice the locking tab on bottom… BUt good look!

Good catch, you get bragging rights, thats all.

By the way, I see a lot of them like that. Sometimes, when the insulating part is completely gone, the metal bar will contact the energized line terminals when someone tries to put the handle up. I saw an apartment manager do this repeatedly, a shower of sparks each time.

Also, looks like thats a fused neutral.

What makes you say that?

It appeared to me that the black and white wires going to the bottom of the fuse-block may be the the hot and neutral of the same 120V circuit - though now that I looked again, that’s probably feeding an AC.