House built in 2005

Are you a code inspector? :roll:

Have been for over 20 years. :smiley: Thanks for asking.

Is that your final answer???:mrgreen: Or would you like a life line??

It is not a defect IMHO.

In fact it may exactly what is needed by the new owner. :wink:

Excellent, my friend. I got me thinking today. But …

If you are asking about code, four wire dryer circuits were first required in the 1996 code. What probably happened is the HO had a dryer with a 3 wire cord, and instead of changing the cord, which would have been the proper approach, they changed the receptacle.

In my opinion it should be mentioned.

That is kind of how I reported it Brian. :smiley:

Lets look at it beyond being a code issue. Is it a safety issue…which would warrant it being reported…Yes Indeed as it imply’s that a case to neutral connection is taking place which can potentially put currents onto the metal casing of the dryer…not acceptable in 2005 and not today either…this was a good change in 1996 NEC for new installations.

Thanks Paul, that makes sense.

You guys are making me doubt myself.
I had to go back and check.


Marcel :):smiley:

On that image you posted…even if not a code guy I would tell them to secure that NM Cable within 12" of that box and running it behind those studs even if tight is not considered supported per 334.30.

I don’t really have to establish why it is a safety concern because the NEC as a minimum safety standard has already done that for me…so even when not a code inspection…still a safety concern.

lol…on a plumbing note I would tell them to apply the nailplates on those pipe running through the studs just to polish off the day…

Thanks Paul, the day of that photo, I had just finished releasing the wirings to frame in the dryer box at the last minute, but do not have a photo of the corrected proper installation of the wires. The electrician was not there at time of the photo. :):smiley:

I posted the picture to make sure it was a 10-3.

Gotcha Fella…yep the old orange color gives it away every time.