Deferring to an electrician, is the right thing to do...

Is this Paul?


lol…nope…I would have actually fixed it and STILL danced…:slight_smile:

Couldn’t you have fixed everything **while **you danced??

lol…fixed it before the dancing Jae…lol…dont you know the dancing electricians protocol…man we take tests on that stuff…:wink:

I failed that section, but luckily I aced the rest of the test. 70% to pass, you know, so you can fail certain things. :mrgreen: Now, singing… that’s another story. I’m a singing fool. I’m almost constantly singing or humming or whistling something while I work. I arrived on one job not long ago, and the plumber (who recognized me) said, “Oh, no. Here comes that singing electrician!”. Not sure if that was good or bad.

yeah…i sing on the job some. I had a ceiling grid guy tell me he would pay all my expenses to go American Idol next year…he said Simon would rip me apart and he would gladly pay to see me GET slammed…he said that would shut me up…lol