Deficient Siding?

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I am dealing with some LP T1-11 Siding that is bowed. The question is, is the bow considered a deficiency. Depending on the way you take the measurement, there are many different results. Is there a proper method to measure for siding deficiencies? The NAHB says that ?bows exceeding ? inch in 32 inches are unacceptable.? I have always known this to be true, but the question is: Is there a uniform method to measure the deficiency? When I asked the NAHB they told me to take a 4 foot level, take off 8 inches for each side to get the measurement. I was aware of that of course, but where would you place the level for the measurement, on the bow, to the side of the bow? These questions could not be answered. I realize that all of this is open to interpretation, but any advice that you might be able to give would help.

Question to be answered: What is the uniform method for measuring deficient siding?