Define 4-Point Inspections

Screw what they think.

I think you have a great attitude about it. Do what you feel fit.

I think I would feel wrong if a bunch of agents recommended me.
Some do, due to my service and prices but never because I am soft :slight_smile:
At least not in my opinion :slight_smile:

All they ever care about is the sale. Real estate and insurance ones. No difference in the two.

I feel the insurance companies should be paying for these even though that would be bad for me personally.

I hate the fact that I get pissed clients when I do a good job.

Roof conditions and 4 points suck. I do them because they must be done.

Service size needed depends on load.

First thing is to look at the items that generate heat. Water heater, stove, dryer, and furnace. If all of those items are gas then 60 amps can work. Otherwise I would expect a minimum of 100 amps if two items are electric and if all electric 150 amps+.

Unsafe Wiring

  1. If you can touch it and it will electrocute you.
  2. If the wires are joined together in a manner where they could easily short or be exposed.
  3. Double Taps
  4. Aluminum Branch Circuits.
  5. Improper Wire Size

You did a great job identifying the issues and the homeowner should know that your inspection shows the issues.

The improper SEC could overheat causing a fire and taking someone’s life. I would rather be alive and pay a few hundred dollars to an electrician. Personally I would write a very kind letter to the property owner and the insurance agent expressing how fortunate it is that these issues have been discovered and how much you appreciate being reminded what a good inspector you are by his statement, “I will never call again because no other inspector ever mentions those things.”

Interesting approach to the SEC - I usually come at it from the other way - the breaker or panel is too large for the SEC - not the SEC is too small - I know 6 of one, half dozen of the other!!

I am trying to locate the Time Line that an insurance company would request a 4 point inspection.
Is it 1 year into the policy at renewal time? Maybe 2 years? 5 Years?
Does anyone know?

There are no universal rules, each carrier and underwriter has a “standard”, and even then, it’s a moving target.


I believe it is more based on the age of the building than the age of the policy

Most require a four point at 30 years

State Farm 10 years

Federated is 20 but they do their own

Common to be requested on bank owned properties

Condos are usually never.

I hope that helps

This will give you a start

I get a lot of 4pt requests for condos and mobile homes in my area.