Definitions and Scope Clearifcation

Can someone please give me a clear under standing of I.-D and an explanation of II.-D regarging support systems.

2.3 Basement, Foundation & Crawlspace
I.The inspector shall inspect
D. The visible structural components
II. The inspector is not required to:
D. Identify size, spacing, span, location or determine adequacy of foundation boilting, bracing, joists, joist spans, or support systems.
F. Report on the adequacy of any structural system or component.

You should observe and report the type of foundation and the materials used. The floor (and wall, roof) system, wood framing, trusses or engineered lumber. Since “structural components” can mean many things you inspect and report on everything you can see. ie. columns, posts, beams, rafters, joists, studs, braces, just everything that is there.

II D. This just keeps your liability lower but you should recognize and report problems with these items you just don’t have to measure and report exact dimensions etc. Use your judgment on these.