I’m considering attending a local college in hopes of acquiring a degree that relates to our profession. While the choices seem to be limited to the obvious trades I’ve also thought about a marketing degree. If you were to go back to college what degree would you acquire in relation to this industry?

Do you have a Votech or Tech college in your area?

I know of at least two.
Lawrence Tech.
ITT Technical Institute

A degree would be nice but for a HI you might get more valuable training that you will actually use every day from being certified in the various building trades. The cost is usually a lot less than and shorter track than wading through college courses. They offer many marketing courses at the local Jr College and am thinking of taking one or two of those myself. I spent 4 years going to tech courses in the building disciplines and I use what I learned every day but each person has to decide for themselves. I got a lot of bang for my bucks and got State sanctioned and recognized certifications. Worth looking into and seeing what they have to offer, how the courses are. Today, you can often test out and get all the Core value courses out of the way, reducing the number of hours you have to put in to get to the certification. I did mine while building my business and it worked out great. Should be an exciting time for you, enjoy it.