delete agreements

I’m going to throw this out there one more time. I’ve asked this question half a dozen times but can’t seem to get any help.

Is there a way to DELETE online NACHI agreements? I’ve got several agreement created that didn’t get completed due to cancellations. I want to delete those agreements.

I don’t use that system Vince but can you call an agreement up using the old potential client’s email address and get rid of it that way?

I can view each agreement and can even edit verbiage but I can’t find a way to delete individual agreements. I’ve got a ton of unconfirmed agreements I have to sort past to view active agreements.

The agreement system is great but because clients received a SECOND email with a confirmation number they often times don’t complete the process. It would be so much easier if they could just initial each paragraph, confirm at the bottom and be done with it.

I’d like to save the incomplete ones as a pdf and delete them out of the system.

Why not use the Homegauge system? I’d be a little more comfortable with them maintaining my important files, I think

Once the agreement is “completed” I attach it to their report in PDF format so that’s not an issue. As long as I have the report copy I always have the agreement.

I just need to delete incomplete agreements from the system. Can someone from NACHI chime in here?

Hey Vince, maybe try Chris:

Contact InterNACHI’s IT Director by email:

Chris Morrell (Massachusetts)

Thanks, I sent Chris a message right after I created this thread. I’m waiting to hear back.


I’m determined to get an answer. :twisted:

If you emailed Chris through the Nachi email system, I think it’s broken :frowning: