Would you trust any word coming out of my mouth?

Ten things you should know about me:

  1. I quit NACHI in a hissy fit when I couldn’t get my way with Nick, and then went on to badmouth Nick and NACHI on the inspectorsnews forum.
  2. I claim to be an RHI on my web site, but in reality I am not.
  3. I’ve been booted off my association’s ethics committee (I’m one of only two people ever booted off a committee in OAHI’s history. The other guy got caught stealing funds).
  4. I’ve been booted off my association’s members forum more times than any other member in the history of OAHI.
  5. I’ve had more member complaints lodged against me than any other OAHI member in my association’s history.
  6. I’m the first person ever banned for life from the Canuck forum (one of only three to be booted off).
  7. I’ve insinuated that I messed with someone’s credit rating.
  8. I posted an old BBB complaint against Mullens, which make me as much the pond scum as the author of that secret letter.
  9. I’ve been posting on this forum as g.strachen, d.bottoms, bugmenot, thomas lloyd, misplaced, bugyoutoo, bottomfeeder, and Raymond E Wand.
  10. And last but not least, now I’m praying OAHI will allow me to upgrade my membership from Retired RHI to full RHI. Wish me luck. :shock:
    I’m now up to 65 posts under my various aliases plus 23 under my “rwand1” account for a whopping 88 posts in less than 16 hours!!! That’s a post every ten minutes since yesterday afternoon!!! Impressed? You should be. I’m not even counting all the posts I’ve made under my other real name. :lol: **

I bet I can break 100 by tonight, although I guess that’s nothing to be proud of**! :oops:

I haven’t had this much fun since my pig ate my sister! :shock: :grin:

Hope you all are enjoying my show!!! :|.)

If you don’t like it, you can go piss up a rope. :twisted: