Deleting a thread

Is it possible to delete a thread by myself if I am the one who creates it? I have an idea but want to be able to get rid of it ALL if it turns into a bunch of name calling and stuff? Please advise if you know how or if it can be done. Thanks in advance.

Editing privileges are limited and at some point a post can’t be edited at all. :smiley:

I have found that out about editing a post but does that go for deleting a whole thread as well? Thanks for the input.

Contact InterNACHI’s IT Director by email:
Chris Morrell (Massachusetts)
NOTE: Chris does not maintain InterNACHI’s websites so if you need a change to something on the websites, email

You do not have the authority to delete/remove/moderate/censor/etc… another persons post.

I want to create a thread but am afraid some may abuse it and try to bad mouth me without reason and was hoping if I created the thread then I could delete the thread. My idea was to create a place in the members only section where people who I have provided services for could leave there opinion weather it be good or bad would not be the issue but if I got alot of fake posts from people who I have never worked with then I would want to cancel the whole thing.

Sounds like you will be feeding the sharks.:wink:

That is what I am afraid of and why I would like to have the ability to get rid of it if that is what happened. I may decide to do it in the Members only section because at least if it is there only members could see it and not customers. I have been having quite a few home inspectors taking advantage of having me do wind mitigation inspections for them because they are currently not allowed to do them and would like for others to see how happy they all seem to be.

I think most guys were upset over what you were charging for the wind mits. I personally couldn’t get upset over someone posting a thread about success stories. What you charge is your business and should remain your business. IMHO;)

I agree and the funny thing was many of those complaining about the price were not even from Florida. Thanks for your opinion I may do it because I would love to offer the service to any of the guys that cannot do it themselves. Then them and I could both make a little more each week and that’s what it is all about anyway making a few bucks. I am pretty flexible and everything is up for negotiation. I trust everyone until they screw me and always am completely honest with those I work with. So far every home inspector I have ever done one for has been completely satisfied and always seems impressed with the whole process. The only problem I can see is inspectors who are not members not being able to see or write the posts. I was thinking I could just post their emails to me with their e-mail address or phone number in case someone wanted to hear it directly from them.

What you may consider is start a blog on your website that allows comments, and you are in control to moderate it. Then start a thread here and link to it.

Thanks Jeff I will look into that. I am not quite sure how to do it but that sounds like a good idea. I just don’t want to have people think I leave only the good reviews up. That’s why I was thinking about doing it here but It seems that I will end up doing something like you suggest so if it gets out of hand with people abusing it I can just get rid of it. Thanks for the ideas to all who have helped. :mrgreen:

I figure that would get out of hand in about 25 nanoseconds. Then everyone will want to have their own thread for feedback comments and before you can skin a cat the message boards will be a complete goat roping…Oh wait, that has already happened…never mind!

Google “wordpress” and you can get started. You can use Active rain, but to get exposure you need to be a “Rainmaker” $$$$$$.

James thanks. By exposure do you mean to have google find me naturally? if so that is not my first goal for this but it would be a nice benefit. What is a “Rainmaker” ? Is that a person who does search engine optimization?

My main goal is just to have a place where people can describe the experiences
they have had when working with me and or customer reviews and such. Thanks for the info.

Active Rain has a free service, or you can pay and become a RainMaker. Rainmaker posts, get more exposure to the Active rain network than freebies do. It is probably the largest real estate blog network in the world. Russell Ray blogs there all the time and does quite well with it. Lots of agents and HI’s blog there also, so it is good exposure. I have a freebie account which I do not use that much. I am not a blogger, but the exposure is great and in the right circles.

Wordpress is a run of the mill, free blog site which gets great Google and other search engine exposure.

thanks so much for all that information I will definately check it all out.

I never paid a cent and am listed as a Rainmaker ,so where did you get this info?

Many people Blog there and I think it is over 100,000 so he is not the only or any where near the first.

I was pushing AR my self over 3 years ago.

AR is a good place to blog,but not the only.

It’s not free anymore Bob. New members have to pay.

AR is always trying to get me to upgrade to Rainmaker status. I get loads of emails.