Demystify Grounding & Bonding Class

Hey Guys,

I was asked to do this because It has been found to be the weakest of the electrical knowledge.

I will be holding an 8 hour class on Demystifying Grounding & Bonding…so if you are able to get together a minimum of 25 people in your area ( for chapter heads ) contact me for details of bringing this to your area.

Class - Understanding Grounding and Bonding…8 Hours with TEST !

Here is what we will cover…with full color illustrations and examples…

***Article 250 Grounding …1

250.1 Scope
250.2 Definitions
250.3 Other Code Sections
250.4 General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding
250.4(A) Summary
250.6 Objectionable (Neutral) Current
250.8 Termination of Grounding and Bonding Conductors
250.10 Protection of Grounding Fittings
250.12 Clean Surface
250.20 Alternating-Current Systems to be Grounded
250.24 Grounding and Bonding at Service Equipment
250.28 Main Bonding Jumper
250.30 Grounding (and Bonding) Separately Derived Systems
250.32 Grounding and Bonding at Separate Buildings and Structures
250.34 Generators – Portable and Vehicle-Mounted
250.50 Grounding Electrode System
250.52 Grounding Electrodes
250.53 Installation of Grounding Electrode System.
250.54 Supplementary Electrodes
250.56 Resistance of Ground Rod Electrode
250.58 Common Grounding Electrode
250.60 Lightning Protection System Grounding Electrode
250.62 Grounding Electrode Conductor - Material
250.64 Grounding Electrode Conductor Installation
250.66 Grounding Electrode Conductor - Sizing
250.68 Grounding Electrode Conductor Termination
250.70 Grounding Electrode Termination Fitting
250.80 Service Enclosures
250.86 Other Enclosures
250.90 General Bonding Requirements
250.92 Assured Bonding – Services
250.94 Grounding of Communications Systems
250.96 Bonding Other Enclosures
250.97 Assured Bonding – Raceways and Cables Containing 277V Circuits
250.100 Assured Bonding – Hazardous (Classified) Locations
250.102 Bonding Jumper Requirements
250.104 Bonding of Piping Systems and Exposed Structural Steel.
250.106 Lightning Protection System

250.118 Types of Equipment Grounding (Bonding) Conductors

When you are done…YOU will FULLY understand the concept and the application…

Any Central Ohio guys in for this?

Paul, when are you coming to Florida?


I will come ANYWHERE their is a minimum of 25 guys willing to be trained…be it Home Inspectors, Electricians, Municiple Inspectors and Builders.

All chapters have to do is get 25 people together at a minimum but more is always better…:slight_smile:

Now if the states that require submission of the courses for CEU approval want me to come…all they need to do is get with me ahead of time in order to submit it to the state…not a problem as long as the minimum attendance is maintained.

But my classes do count towards NACHI and other association credits and triple the credits for the CMI program.

Topics -
Grounding & Bonding Demystified
Understanding the NEC
Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors
NEC Electrical Code Updates - Choice 2002 & 2005 VERSIONS

It only takes someone in an area to get the minimum people together and contact me we can make it happen.

I would be interested.

I would also be interested in florida