Dennis Bonner

Hey I am having Knee surgery and have a guy that is a friend of mine and great computer guy. Good guy to know :slight_smile: call my cell and I’ll send you his contact info. If you do not have the cell just call my office and it will go to it.

I think he needs a 4 point and wind mit.

I do not have your new cell as I closed my facebook account and that was where it was. Have a great weekend and get ready for some leads I’ll likely be down for around a month. Hopefully less :slight_smile:

305-728-9825, u can text me his info or ill call later. Hope all goes well. Talk soon, thnx mike

I sent you a PM with his info. Anyone in SE florida need a good computer guy let me know this guy works for a great company.

A call called Sweeny just called me I sent him your broward and cell number. He is in cooper City. Did you talk to betsy yet?

Yes, we scheduled her for monday