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I’ve completed 2 Home Inspection Certifications and working on additional modules with InterNACHI…

I getting ready to start my own HI business, and looking for an Home Inspector in the areas stated that wouldn’t mind a shadow for some of their inspections.

I’ve had several Home Inspections performed on my own homes, and have done several on my own through my training, but I want to get some first hand experience from a local HI.

If you wouldn’t mind a shadow for a few inspections, that would be outstanding…

I have experience in Home Construction and Remodeling, so I have some good knowledge of the home construction basics, but again I think it would be a plus to gain some first hand experience.

Thanks in advance, Michael

Michael, you can try to contact some Certified Master Inspectors within 40 or 50 miles of you and talk to them. Some inspectors feel that the are trying their competition. Hence, you may have to travel some.

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Or, other InterNACHI inspectors:

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Good luck in your search. :smile:

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Oh, and welcome to our forum!..enjoy. :smile:

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Thanks Larry…

And I would agree with not wanting to give another Inspector(s) the impression I was looking to interfere with their business.


You never know until you make contact with them and introduce yourself personally. Some are willing to share knowledge with newcomers and some are not due to fear of competition.

IMO: you should contact them personally and be prepared to explain why you chose them to approach. Show that you’ve done some research and know a bit about them and their business. A good way to find folks who are likely to be helpful is to cross reference what you find looking for local inspectors with who provides quality helpful advice here or in other forums. Don’t just start cold calling people that you haven’t done some homework on. You also want to be discriminating for your own benefit. You want to make sure you’re learning from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

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Chuck, Great advice…

I’m learning more every day…

I’ve complete about 200 hours of training and certifications, and have some experience with home construction with my brother being a GC many years ago.

I’m semi-retired and just looking to see if this is something I would enjoy doing.
I’ve learned pretty quickly there is a lot more to doing inspections and running the business than I think myself or others would anticipate. (Smile)

Again, great suggestions and advice!

Thank you, Michael

The first stage in learning anything new is becoming aware of how much there is that you don’t know yet - welcome to stage 2 of the competency scale Not all of us make it that far.

Good luck!

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