Denver realtor bashes inspectors

Now this is funny. She’s the one who wants the sale I bet.

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she’s likely one of many realtors who believe in water-diverting games for leaky basements, “Oh, just add some soil and slope it away is all you need”, incompetent crap like that. Can I be … honest about realtors? Yeah the Bubber-man, ok so what I continuously see from many realtors is, they are some of the laziest cry baby bitches around, they don’t REALLY care much about the buyers/sellers, nope… just sell that house quick for ME!!! I hate that shtt.


Often the real ‘deal killer’ is the Realtor themselves. First rule of Real Estate is qualify the buyer!

Just recently had a Realtor cry to me about my fee when the buyer had to do a second home. Turns out the first home wouldn’t qualify for an FHA loan! The Realtor should have known that and not put a contract on a house the buyer couldn’t get a loan for. Duh!

She wanted to negotiate my fee, I told her flat out she was more than welcome to give them some of her money. She was offended. LOL Buyers don’t realize that a Realtors fees are negotiable.

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It is not always that cut and dry if a home qualifies for a FHA loan.

I read the complete article and it is a blazingly great example why a buyer should not ever use the inspector that is the “My Guy” their(*) Agent recommends.

*The other thing that is blatantly obvious is that there is (hardly ever) such a thing as a “Buyer’s Agent”. Agents don’t get paid unless the home sells, and the only fiduciary party either Agent has is to The Seller.

There are great agents, and then there are the rest of them…
I’m sure many of us here (that have been inspecting for a few years) have an agent or two that they only get a referral from …if the buyer is a family member or the agent themselves.


What caught my attention is that the agent(s) that the article features believes in what they were saying. What the agents believe in the transaction was the word of the bible.
It blew my mind.

Interesting article from the stand point of the Realtor. I too am a licensed realtor in the State of Indiana. I too have had inspectors cause deals to go south, but not because of the things they were calling out. My deals went south because of the way they worded things, the price tag that was assessed to a suggested repair or their assumptions without verification. Let me give an example. I had a USDA buyer and after walking through the property I said the home could probably meet USDA standards and gave the numbers for 3 different Inspectors in our area. We got the inspection report, discussed the “Material Defects” and formed our response. One of the items was knob & tube wiring in the attic that was exposed in a couple areas. What we found out was that all of the knob & tube wiring had been terminated but some still remained in the attic. The Inspector never tested the wiring to see if it was hot, he made an assumption. This caused the seller to doubt his expertise and made it difficult to negotiate the fix of other necessary items. Same inspector missed mold in an attic on another home even though he called out the bathroom exhaust fan venting into the attic. Experiences like these cause realtors to question all inspectors. Now, let me say that a large number of realtors fit the description of not caring about anything but the sale. I’m currently working on getting my inspector’s license by obtaining my education through InterNachi. As a 25 year carpenter, I’m learning that there are a lot of things that I didn’t know from a technical point.

Larry, I have had the same experience. There are several local agents that will never recommend me to their clients but they call me for their relatives and friends when they are buying a house, and especially if they are buying some investment property for themselves.

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