Denver / Westminster, CO

Hello All,

I’m an InterNACHI Home Inspector based out of Walnut Creek, CA; however, my wife and I are Westminster til Wednesday and wanted to know if anyone was available to meet up for lunch tomorrow? I know Nick mentioned he could meet me out here some time ago, but if it’s too short of notice, I understand.

We are thinking of going to Downtown later today and take in the old Coors Brewery Tour…Any suggestions?

Luis Velez

If you are going to the brewery you want to go to Golden. It’s not in Downtown Denver. Golden is on the western edge of town. It will be a great tour. At the end you get a couple of complimentary beers.

If you are going downtown the 16th St. Mall and LoDo areas will have plenty to see. They also just completed the restoration of the historical Union Station. I have not been there yet by I here it’s great.

If you get a chance you should go to Boulder to see NACHI’s offices. You would want to get the correct address, the listed address will get you lost.

Depending on my schedule I might be able to meet you tomorrow.

Come up to Boulder and have lunch with me and InterNACHI staffers. Call me on my cell: (720) 272 8578.