Deputy Fire Chief in Barrie looking to work with Inspectors

I just received an e-mail from the Deputy Fire Chief of Barrie.

"Roughly 450 – 500 homes a year are bought and sold in the city of Barrie, which leads me to believe that 450 – 500 homes have some kind of house inspection done for the purchase, insurance purposes, or mortgage purposes. That is a lot of homes that home inspectors could be ensuring as part of their inspection that the home is brought into compliance with smoke and carbon monoxide alarm legislation. Ensuring there are enough alarms, and ensuring they are the right type for the home, and ensuring they are current (less than 10 years old according to the manufacturing date stamped on the SA). "

Could any Inspector in the Barrie, Ontario area who wishes to get involved in the program please get in touch with Jeff Weber.

His details are:

Jeff Weber,
Deputy Fire Chief
Fire Prevention and Community Emergency Management Coordinator
The City of Barrie
Central Ontario’s Premier Waterfront Community

Barrie Fire & Emergency Service
155 Dunlop Street West,
P.O. Box 400
Barrie ON L4M 4T5
Tel: 705-739-4220 ext. 3262
Fax: 705-728-1277