describe this one

Lets see who can first describe this IR picture in detail of a main panel

Sept 2 2009 037.jpg

You got your Camera!

That’s a lot of Arc faults.

yep, had it a few weeks, found some leaks that would not likely have been noticed too.

right, 13 arc faults in new construction

In a few years we will be seeing lots of mods inside these panels as the arc faults fail and harry homeowner moves the circuits around to get some juice flowing.

Hi Bruce, what model-type Cam took this photo?

I wouldn’t be concerned about the 115 degrees by any means, but their requiring all branch circuits to be arc fault protected in your area?

A fluke TiR, sometimes I forget to focus it but it looks pretty good huh.

Arc faults…I work in 2 states over 6 counties, over 15 cities/towns so keeping up with which code and revisions/interpretations is not going to happen. I think some builders require their subs to keep up with the latest code regardless of what the AHJ is using. The reason I say this is that I see such a variety of things in the same county on houses built during the same time frame. The AHJ for example will hit a builder very hard on a multi-family light frame project but barely look at a custom $700k 5,000 sf house.