Describing an area

If you had to describe your area in the context of a home inspection, what might be the main topics?

  • General Overview
  • Common Defects (due to climate, etc)
  • Importance of Ancillary Services
  • Real Estate Market
    Yes/No/Anything else?

EDIT: See my clarification below%between%

I don’t understand the question, Chris.

Describing my area of what?

Summary page that is where the meat is;-)

We’re looking into adding some additional information to our search pages, such as a brief description of the area being searched. For example, if someone did a search on for St. Louis, what kind information might we show next to the listing of InterNACHI members? I was thinking that a brief description of the area plus a bit of information about what to expect in a home inspection would be nice (common defects, recommended ancillary inspections) and maybe some information about the general real estate climate would be good. How would you respond if a client called you up and said, “I’m moving to St. Louis but don’t know much about the area. What can I expect from an inspection there?”

Thanks for the clarification.

It would seem that each location would be subject to different “weather
and that would be a big consideration when trying to describe
an area, as building requirements adjust for these variations.

"Common defects" due to weather conditions is a good pont.
"Ancillary services" would also be important in some areas, good point.

Also consider:
Types of soil, common pest infestations, rural vs city, environmental
hazards, and how many lawyers per square mile live in your area.

Not sure how the real estate market would impact a home inspection.
If the market is thriving or sluggish in a certain area should not affect
the content of a home inspection report… IMHO.

I guess I was thinking in terms of “what might be useful” to someone looking into home inspectors online.

Are you going to adjust the comments as market conditions change
from area to area, from month to month?

Texas has some really hot spots, and some slow spots as well. It would
seem to an impossible amount of work to research from month to month,
about the ongoing conditions in every area, let alone to do it for the whole

Good point, John. Maybe we should steer clear of real estate market stuff :slight_smile:

For a minute there… I thought you were bored and didn’t have anything to do
but research real estate markets 24 hours a day…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yeah, that’s pretty much what it comes down to. :sarcasm: