Designing the body panels for the Ultimate Inspection Vehicle.

Are going to put a boy pissing on ? on it?


The UIV is looking great! Who is building it? Need a hand? What are the specs? Engine, trans, transfer, axles etc? When are we going to wheel that buggy?

We’re doing an inspection with it on a mountain home for NACHI.TV. Show should aire next month.

That will never fit in a crawlspace.

Are member’s dues going toward paying for this thing?

No, nor NACHI.TV. All funded by vendors whos stickers and logos will be all over it and whos ads are on NACHI.TV. NACHI.TV will likely lose money for its first 2 years. The idea is to eventually get flush where the show ads, product placements, vendor shows and sponsorships pay for NACHI member’s online video commercials which promote their individual inspection companies. We’ve already started shooting these commercials for members. We hope to completely fund our educational and training shows this way as well.

Anyway, here is the ad demo: Turn the volume up. Don’t give out my cell phone number… unless of course you have a potential advertiser.