Detached building electrode

The grounding electrode was missing for a service panel in a detached garage. The service panel in the garage was being fed from another service panel in the mobile home. The garage panel has two branch circuits. If I’m correct that makes the panel feeder circuit and a grounding electrode system is required?

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Need more info.
You claim this is a detached garage fed from a MH.
Show us a photo of the MH panel. Is it also wired as a Main or a Sub?
This panel is wired as a main, not a sub.
I see 4 wires in this panel. Black-Red-White-Bare copper.
The Copper appears to travel back to the MH panel, but ???

You are correct since this is fed by a feeder to a detached structure it requires a connection to a GES (grounding electrode system). The GES can be two ground rods. Also the EGC run with the feeder needs to be terminated on it’s own EGC bus and the EGC’s and neutrals need to be separated. Right now it appears that the panel is not bonded and there is no clip, screw, rivet or other means holding the back-fed CB in place.

Added two pics. Meter base panel and the panel in the mobile home

Both 120V cables terminating on the 100 amp appliance or remote panel disconnect have been severely trimmed.

Remote/sub panels require bonding.

Yes I’m not sure why they used a 100amp breaker. It’s a 4/0 conductor

That’s a nice critter nest in the 3rd picture…

It looks like the start of a paper wasp’s nest, too.


Typically those stabs can only take up to a 125 amp plugin style breaker that only uses two stabs. I agree that with those conductors they’re not using the full ampacity available.

110.14 Electrical Connections.
(A) Terminals. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of pressure connectors (including set-screw type), solder lugs, or splices to flexible leads.