Detached structures and 4 points

Do you typically inspect detached structures such as garages and barns, etc. when doing only a 4 point inspection? What if the detached structure has a sub-panel, do you inspect it? Just wanting to make sure I’m on the same page as everyone. Thanks

If it is a detached garage-yes.

4 point I only inspect the structure with the address. The insured structure as the client tells me. It is all that the elevation shots show as well. barns, sheds, forts, tree-houses, tepees, un-attached garages, grow-houses. greenhouses etc… not inspected not in photos.

Its up to the homeowner who needs to verify with the agent. If so, separate form and extra fee

Thanks that’s what I thought too Michael. In my opinion detached structures are outside of the purpose of a 4 point. Just wanted to see what others did.

Thanks Dennis, good input. I have been seeing quite a few detached carports and barns, which a lot of times have their own subpanels. In my opinion, these are outside of the purpose of a 4 point. I’ll start advising clients to check with agent to see if these structures are covered or if they need a separate 4 point

Detached structures fall under Coverage B: other structures and will not be included on a 4 point. I have done many of 4 points and haven’t had to include one in a report.

I just wouldn’t advise on insurance policy decisions. always make the client verify with the agent.

Yeah, don’t let the client know what coverage is what, I’m letting you know from my experience with insurance. Basically what Dennis stated, if the agent ask for it then provided them with the report on the detached structure.

trust me , they always try to blame the inspector.

Thanks guys, appreciate the input

Excellent advise!