Detect Chemical Smells in neighborhood


We are smelling strong chemicals in the air which are coming from outside of our home. We are trying to find out if there are ways to test for air quality and type of chemical. Are there companies that do this type of testing and do you know of any we can call in MD or surrounding areas/states (VA, PA, Delaware, etc…)?


What is your nearest major intersection?

I would suggest that you start at the local municipal level. Contact the local building department and see what they advise. Would start here rather than paying a service right off.

If you don’t like the municipal staffs response you could always contact an Industrial Hygenist and discuss your concerns with them. They would be well equipped to advise you.

Hi Chip,

Thank you for your help! Is there a certain type of of Industrial Hygenist we can contact and do you know of a specific one you can recommend in our area? We have been unable to find one that looks for what we need.