Detecting heat loss with Infrared (Thermal) Imaging

There are many building envelope anomalies that can generate significant heat loss, which causes your energy dollars to be wasted in a not-so-tight home. Infrared technology allows me to pin-point and show you the exact areas of your Massachusetts home where your heating dollars are literally being sucked out of your home.

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Let’s locate those inefficiencies that can normally go undetected in the course of my standard visual inspection.

David, I know what you mean. Certified Building Science Thermographers are trained by the Infrared Training Institute to detect not only heat loss in buildings but also moisture intrusion. I offer similar inspections throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts at

Yes, Russell. There are many applications for infrared (thermal) imaging. These various applications are explained (in more detail) on my website at…

Dave, I hope you don’t have me confused with RR. He’s in Ca. I’m in NH.

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Nope, not confused, just missed an “L”. It’s corrected.

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