Determing Wire Size

I looked and looked and could not find the size of wiring feeding these two main breakers. Trying to determine if there is a defect here. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Judging from the size of the OCPD’s I would guess that they are:

Two top breakers-#2 Al SER cable
Middle breakers-#6 Al SEU cable
Bottom breakers-#10 Cu NM cable

There may be an issue depending on when this was installed. Under the 2008 NEC SE cable was downgraded to a 60° C conductor. Prior to the 2008 it was a 75° C conductor. This would affect your OCPD ampacity. For 2005 and earlier that means that #2 Al conductors were OK at 90 amps. Under the 2008 they would need to be protected at not greater than 75 amps.

Also multiple cables in one connector are not permitted unless that connector is listed for more than one cable.

White wire on the breaker is no good. Looks like those wire might be #12. They just seems smaller than the Red and black on the other size. But on the A/C your allowed the smaller wires. Tell them to cut that bush down. That’s a defect that should be called out.

Thanks Robert & Robert. Home was built in 94 so are ok at 90. I have noted the neutral and bush already. Thanks again.