Developing an inspection industry in Mexico

Due to encouragement from the largest and most important Mexican real estate (AMPI), construction (CMIC) and engineering (FEMCIC) organizations, including offers of help in proofing courses and translation, I’ll be heading back to Cuernavaca in September to continue writing courses.

We’ll be presenting to about 2,000 agents at AMPI’s convention in Mazatlan at the end of October, after which they want to help launch InterNACHI Mexico by promoting us in 76 cities across Mexico.

Although they have excellent national, state and local building codes in Mexico, they have had no enforcement, and so no inspections during the construction process. Writing courses is a challenge.

As an example, pretty much all roofs are poured concrete. Many roofs have clay tile, but almost none are fastened down, since there’s nothing but concrete to fasten them to. Also, you can’t see the concrete (plaster below, tile above) and you have no way of knowing whether there is steel in the roof or whether it was poured monolithically.

Two very common conditions: