Please spare me the onslaught of liability posts.

A good friend has asked me to dewinterize a property. I have a pretty good idea about it but does anyone have a checklist and an agreement I can use? I would be very appreciative.

Proper dewinterization requires great care. If it was not done correctly, there may very well be broken lines. Make sure all the faucets are closed off but the supply valves are open and pressurize the lines with compressed air (40 lbs) for 20 minutes. If there is any draw down, there is a leak somewhere. (stop at that point) Use the laundry hook ups for your pressurization. Outside hose bibs with anti siphon valves won’t work.

Some states require that you are a licensed contractor.

Is power going to be off too?

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This might help some.

Maybe this as well:

The company I use hit 7 in a row with damage last year for one Realtor I know. One home had 32 leaks that needed to be repaired. Maybe our winters are a little more severe up here, don’t know. But a pro wouldn’t take the chance to save the extra 15 or 20 minutes. But then they charge $175 instead of the cheapo $50 that the some guys charge.

Jamie correctly suggests:

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Winterization in our area is a joke. I have yet to see a company winterize a home successfully and come up leak free the following spring. That is not an exaggeration in any way, I literally can’t remember a home I’ve inspected after being winterized which didn’t have damage.

I can guarantee you no one is pressurizing the water out of the system as Stephen described.

Many years ago I used to winterize many units in a trailer park .
Never had one leak .
I shut of the water hooked up a small air compressor opened the taps one at a time and shut off when no more water did them all .
Then hooked up a small pump and sent antifreeze through the system
( Not the water tank ) .Them did the air again and saved the Antifreeze for the next trailer .
Drained the toilet and added some car Windshield washer to the toilet and sink traps one oz of corn oil did same to Dish washers .
Why corn oil so the Dish washer /Toilet/sink traps did not dry out with no air .
Total time about 20 minutes and $90;00 for me .
In spring just turn on the water and flush out the Plumbers antifreeze no air ever needed .
Never a complaint .

Roy, that must mean the guys around here are doing it in 5 minutes! :wink:

  1. Turn off main
  2. Open a valve somewhere low in the house.
  3. Pour RV antifreeze in a couple toilets.
  4. Leave you competitors contact info on the counter.


Thanks guys. That’s what I was looking for Nick

Sounds like you are correct when I hear about all the leaks they get .

Trailers are small and not many steps