DFW Infrared Class

We had a good IR class in Dallas - Ft Worth, Texas.

Several makes and models of IR cameras were pesent and everyone
enjoyed watching the demo of each camera.


Looking forward to this weekend!

I hope your buying steaks! :wink:

Sure… Here ya go…

John are you dieting, you movie star you!?

I need a diet.

Hey! The dollar menu is back.:slight_smile:

Keep hanging around those INACHI gals and they will run it off you!

They hit me too hard… I am not going to mess with them…:mrgreen:

Thanks John for the DFW Infrared Class. The class gave me the confidence to go out and start using the camera on a daily basis for every inspection. I would highly recommend this class for anyone new to the world of thermal imaging.

Thanks Wes.

I will see you all in Boulder, this weekend.

PLUS! A greater than $100 door prize, courtesy of my former employer.

Garmin GPS nuvi 200. Door drawing for all class participants. only one,but drawn by business cards.

I hope one of those iNACHI girls is there to draw the card.

Hope this helps;