DFW & Texas Commercial & Infrared Inspections

DFW & Texas Commercial & Infrared Inspections

Are you overwhelmed or intimidated by larger-complex properties, commercial or infrared roofing, electrical or building science inspections?


Contact me to assist you with the process of bidding, landing and conducting these very lucrative jobs while earning many times the high end home inspection fees and building your abilities to enter these professional inspection arenas.

Same here…

Tennessee, Kentucky, Atlanta.

Any NACBI member will do the same as this is what the Organization is about.

“Don’t leave the money on the table and don’t try to do it blindly”.

absolutely Dave!

don’t know for certain if it’s a direct result of this thread

that didn’t take long
THANKS for turning me on to the 20k Infrared Roof Scan
they liked the concept once explained, price & signed the proposal tonight

now all you need to do is step up, take credit & earn while you learn…
if you don’t want to out yourself here & want to attend the inspection call or shoot me an email, confidentiality assured!

Your a good man Barry…!!


I would also chime in on this thread I travel to any State that borders Okla and have worked in the past with two outstanding commercial and IR inspectors Barry Adair and Dave Andersen. I am also willing to help anyone get started in commercial inspections or scanning flat roofs and or electrical panels in large facilities. I have a extensive back ground in Mechanical industrial,commercial HVAC large chillers and cooling towers

As Dave and Barry stated don’t leave money on the table anyone in NACBI can help with the proposals thru the final inspections

Yes by all means call one of these professionals above and they can help you tremendously! Also don’t forget those with specialty skills as well such as EIFS and Stucco inspecting as I know Barry for one has that experience.

Can’t be said enough “Don’t leave the money on the table and don’t try to do it blindly”.

thanks for the shameless plug, Bro’ & thanks for taking that gig i know you’ll do them a great job!

I’m in San Antonio. I haven’t done a commercial job yet this year but a Lil over 100 residential. I’ve had a couple of calls I turned down on commercial since I wouldn’t know where to start. I think doing the Inspection wouldn’t be as hard but bidding and writing. I use home inspector pro. Would I learn about writing on that template if I took a class? Do I need an infared camera to be effective? So much to consider?

By all means, go with these guys on infrared inspections and get some of the most valuable teaching possible. Mentoring will help you learn things that you will never read in a book. Inspectors helping inspectors at it’s best.!

1 not sure which class your referring to
numerous hip templates or start a new topic, most are helpful over there & i think hip & home gauge & possibly others can convert templates for those using other reporting formats

2 IR depends on your biz model, clientele need or educating them of the added benefit
you can’t sell widgets to those that don’t need or understand a widgets use/purpose
you have to talk the talk before you can walk the walk

3 not really
when a call comes in find a competent comm & or IR inspector to team with until you’re comfortable on your own
many that have replied or are in the profession can walk you thru every step from 1st contact, proposals, agreements, inspecting, subs to payment & report delivery

all that have posted here are not afraid to travel if the monies are right

always remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Ditto to what Barry has noted.

FWIW … the software application you use to generate reports does not make you or any one of us a good inspector. They are only a vehicle to present your inspection findings.

You happen to use HIP (a good application) and Dom also has templates available for the application as you have noted. They are helpful, but they don’t give you the field experience.

I happen to use Whisper Reporter (a San Antonio, TX based company). They also provide a great application for report generation, but it doesn’t provide ‘experience’.

Reach out to Barry and many others who have experience with IR and commercial to start learning.

I have 20-years commercial experience and that was before my 12 years doing residential. I no longer do commercial and I do not have an IR camera. Those are business decisions I’ve made for my company and I’m very pleased with those choices. Each of us has our own business model as Barry noted.

I refer many clients to others/specialists depending upon what they are seeking. I try to get the client what they need rather than just try to “sell them stuff” … that doesn’t make for a happy client.

Good luck to you.

With commercial contracting, remodeling, building experience … In Kansas City we do maybe 3 commercials a month throughout the year. Used to BUT no longer willing to do apts, etc.

Car dealerships; motels; hotels; office / mfg buildings; warehouses; retail strip centers; churches; schools; surgical centers; 7-11 / Quik Trip type convenience stores; Big Box Stores; etc; etc

More $$$$$$$$$$$ / NEVER had a complaint. More Savy buyers

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Thanks again to all that have replied…

find a collaborator/mentor in your area

i highly recommend
The **National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ **is the premier trade association providing opportunities, training and resources for Corporations, Government Entities, Organizations, Associations, Businesses, and Building Inspection & Thermal Imaging Professionals across North America.

NACBI is unique and can play an important role in assisting members in achieving their goals and strengthening their business and individual growth.

As you have already read NACBI is a wealth of knowledge, while 1 might not have what you need several others will. Just a phone call or email away, it is what we do assist those who need assistance, never tell the prospective client no just tell them you know os several individulas capable of taking care of thier inspection needs and then start calling us.