Did anyone get a call to confirm/update your CMI contact info?

We’ve been calling all the CMIs and making sure their contact information is correct so that consumers reach a valid phone number/email address.


Russell J. Hensel
13650 Fiddlesticks Blvd. Ste 202-399
Fort Myers, Florida 33912
WEBSITE: www.bestinspector.com
EMAIL: russell@bestinspector.com

No need to call…if you don’t want to…

We had yours from the recent advertising project. Because CMIs don’t pay annual dues, we like to call them all at least once a year and make sure they are still alive and well.

Yes, Corey was quite professional…thank you.

Yes, I did.

I did as well while laying on my back in a narrow crawl. I didn’t answer, but got a voice mail.

I got an email because my phone number was listed wrong.

Did they fix your phone number?

Yes, I received a telephone call today and verified everything. Took about 30 seconds.


yes I got the call



Yes, and I am am sure they will get around to revising my company name on the site.

Not yet, but I need them, email is wrong so isn’t my phone number.

Still alive and kicking at the same old address and phone numbers as always. Thanks for checking:p

Yes, Thanks.

I am currently updating everyone’s CMI information. If anyone else has changes that need to be made you can call me direct at (720) 454-7774. You can also e-mail me at chloe@internachi.org. Thanks everyone!

Yes about two weeks ago.:slight_smile:

No call yet.

info should be as listed below