Did CAHPI refund everyone's money when they dropped the NCA?

It appears that at least one of my InterNACHI members is having difficulty getting a refund.

As I have pointed out a number of times, the CAHPI leadership chose to short-change people who had invested in the program. At best they offered partial refunds to a few people, but still witheld money that wasn’t theirs.

Have your member and anyone else with a similar problem contact me at bmullen@ebtech.net and I will try to help them.

Bill Mullen

Bill Mullen writes:


Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention if you explained this before, because I didn’t realize it affected InterNACHI members. Sounds like a class action might be warranted.

Those that are rightfully owed refunds and have not should consider filing a small claims with their provincial court.

Its shameful tax payers monies has been put into this program with this result.

One would be remiss not to ask whether or not taxpayer funding was misused in light of the revelations.

It would also be a great idea to send their complaints to the BBB .
CAHPI needs all the publicity they can get .
Having this posted on the BBB could show all just what sort of associations we have in Canada .
More complaints should get instant reaction from CAHPI.
You can be sure they are monitoring this Forum and will be sending e-mails like WOW! .
THE NACHI Forum is the only trusted method of getting information to the Canadian Home Inspectors .


Well, when you have Roy Cooke, Nick Gromicko, Ray Wand, and Bill Mullen… all complaining about the same thing on the same message board… CAHPI probably has a problem for sure. It hurts, but they should just cut the checks and put the issue to rest.

What would Paula Clancy do? :smiley:

What is going on now!
CAHPI National Certificate Holders - no expiry - no cost
Notice to CAHPI Members
In March 2010 we announced the absorption of the CAHPI-sponsored National Certification Program and with it our intention not to renew the National Certification status for CAHPI members after their expiry in July of 2011.
At the same time, we also announced our intention to strengthen the RHI programs by moving toward third-party accreditation through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the harmonization of RHI programs.
The accreditation initiative continues at full steam ahead, with two CAHPI associations expressing their interest in moving toward NCCA accreditation. We anticipate most CAHPI RHI programs to be in line for third party validation of their processes by the end of 2011 giving CAHPI the National scope we strived for under the NCA.
In light of this, the CAHPI National Board of Directors has decided to extend the expiration of the CAHPI National Certificate to CAHPI members indefinitely until the CAHPI National Certificate Holder program is reintroduced at the Provincial level. This extension is at no cost to the members. CAHPI members with CAHPI National Certificate Holder status will be listed on the CAHPI website. This new program will honour Provincial rights over professional credentialing, while adhering to the principles of inter-provincial labour mobility that give us capacity to adhere to corporate home inspection programs that require cross Canada compatibility.
Note that this extension only applies to CAHPI members who have already received the CAHPI National Certificate Holder status under the old program. It does not apply to applicants, candidates or non-CAHPI members. We encourage these individuals to join a provincial or regional CAHPI association to continue their professional development leading to the RHI designation.
We encourage you to stay tuned for additional information as this initiative moves forward.
Bill Sutherland, RHI
President, CAHPI National

Which one is true National Certificate?

This is the same leadership which pulled the rug out. Now they do an about face.

If you ask me its because they don’t want to explain themselves financially to those they originally deceived.

This is just more splintering of an otherwise splintered industry.

Time to start asking hard questions from the so called leadership.

The only one that the home purchaser likes is .


They refunded my money for the TIPR but not the registeration fee.
They said it was not refundable???


CAHPI members ought to join NACHI!


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre
Brossard BMAinspection.com
Certifie Maître Inspecteur :slight_smile:

I understood that one of the new splinter groups was soliciting support for a suit against CARPI to help get the offended their money back. Was this not so? Their web site appeal for support was often quoted here on these boards not too long ago. . . . . . . :neutral:

This self appointed group has made much noise and threats over the years to Home Inspectors as well as the associations .