Did I ever say

I don’t like cold weather but today I was thankful for it. If it had been warm weather I opened this water meter can I don’t know if I can still run as fast as I use to???

That would have been a nasty surprise for sure

I had a similar experience. I too was glad it was cold.

Why do you have to open the water meter in the yard? In my area, it belongs to the utility company, and you need permission. Some are sealed, and take special tools to open. Buz Buz.

When I was younger I was putting a two story addition on the front of a house. The first floor was framed and I was ripping the existing overhang off so that I could start putting the second floor walls in place, as soon as I ripped the plywood off of the overhang I saw a honey bee nest that filled the cavity for about three feet.

The neighbor across the street was retired and would sit on his front porch all day every day and just watch me work, I’m sure that I put on quite a show for him as I was dancing around trying to get away from the bees.

I was working alone that day and I have no idea how many times I was stung in the face but by the time I got home (45 minute ride) I could barely see because my eyes were almost swollen shut.

Unfortunately for me, that day was in the 80’s and the bees were very active.

Sometimes you’re the bug sometimes you’re the windshield.

Because I am a home inspector and State Law states that I must ID the location of all service utilities valves. + I check to see if the meter is turning lets me know if there is a water leak. Don’t you check for water leaks Gary :wink:

Is that valve off ?

Yipper is was when we first got there. ;-);-);-):smiley:

I am sure you followed protocall to never turn valves …:slight_smile:

Easy solution is to take a tool or other item and tap every meter/valve box cover before opening it. Also in rural locations, in barns with utilities, anytime you see signs of any nesting by insects or other dangerous critters, etc., always tap panel deadfront covers and listen. I’ve run into red wasps nesting heavily in electric panels in barns, outbuildings, etc. I did a well pump house (about the size of an outhouse) last year and rapped on the door and backed off to see some real nasty wasps come pouring out of openings. :shock:

Sure why would you think otherwise;-)

Had a service panel yesterday full of dead bees. It would have been an unpleasant surprise if they were still alive.