Did I say I like IR

Yes I do its better than any flashlight I had a interesting inspection on a 1927 two story with full basement thought for a minute I was lost and ended up in KC.

Upflow furnace in the basement of course one split system 5 ton in use pushing air from the basement to the upstairs master bedroom was almost a straight shot. At the Bottom of the first level stairs going to upstairs I see this air leaking from the bottom of the steps. The duct from the basement is just on the other side of the wall from the stairs. My question is does this create a problem as the air is not actually being lost to the exterior it is exiting the stairs into the home so is this in your opinion a problem

Depends on the locations of the returns.

That was done intentionally to act as a radiant heat and cooling system in the steps and developed by the “High Step” corp after the CEO’S mother in law lost circulation in her feet and he found using steel plate backed risers improved her condition.
The rest is history.

Can you expand that thought;-)

Might be conditioning the attic… Lol.
Balance off as well.
Indicates bad ducting.
Might have asbestos in the cavity.
May set up condensation issues, etc to name a few.


it is leaking to the exterior…

Conditioning the basement as well?

Big heat (cold) sink.

Indirectly yes directly no:D

explain the difference…

Besides volume.

now boys…

I know things can get a little slow in Tenn but I thought you already knew the difference:p;-)

I like to think of temperature as something that is constantly moving from one area to another, very little instances of total equilibrium where temp has no movement of any nature. It may occur between the inside and outside of the building envelope it may occur between the State of Okla and the State of Kansas. Between the USA and Canada but temp is always on the move and it does not care how it moves solid material, wind, water.

BTW I was always taught that between Kansas Blowing and Texas sucking Okla does not stand a chance for Equilibrium :mrgreen:

Been there

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Been there


Nice video, Chuck…:slight_smile:

Good information guys…

Timely pic from other day.

If all areas have decent airflow and it is in the conditioned area than I would not worry about it.

Jeff that is the difference between you and me I do worry about it. Got Mold;-)

You can’t worry about what you don’t understand I guess…