Did Obama really start his campaign with this girl?


I saw that SNL skit 2 weeks ago.
Almost as funny as watching Thompson try to talk at the convention tonight.

You have a problem dealing with true statements even when given direct evidence. How sad.

Thompson was great BTW

This is a rare statement by you Micheal ( you actually really liked allot what someone was saying) but it is not meant to be an endorsement of McCain, right?:slight_smile:

I’d have to say the speeches tonight didn’t hold a candle to the D speeches.

I hope for the sake of the party that they get better.

I fell asleep, all those really old people talking about McCain, B O R I N G.

Thompson was outstanding. The part that the Democrats couldn’t stand was the summation of the brutality that this man suffered during his five years in captivity. It gave everyone an idea of the strength of his character. ( now if only he had suffered five grueling years on the streets of Chicago handing out money to political cronies he would be the perfect candidate !! :roll: )

Well of course they couldn’t stand it.

They want to think of McCain as a lousy pilot who was stupid enough to get captured.

Geez George, please pay attention.:roll:

I’ll try to do better next time.:wink:

Its funny you say that,… there is only one other person in History to lull a nation into “change” by his speeches:


When you don’t have the history of service like McCain, I guess your “Speeches” better be really, really good to unite a group for the cause of change, huh?

McCain spent 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war,… getting beat, and having his bones broken but not faltering to give up secrete information. He or his supporters DON’T need a speech to prove he is worthy of the job. His character speaks louder then any professionally written speech Obama has payed to have written for him.

I don’t think I have read or seen anything that the Dems think McCain is a lousy pilot and stupid enough to get caught. They have said repeatedly that they honor his service record and his captivity. Come on Michael you are better than that comment and have proven it many times.

That is from our very own James Bushart who says he is a loyal Republican that has seen the light and now admits that he has been wrong in voting Republican for the past 32 years and will vote for the liberals this time.

Ok Ok …
McCain is a great war hero.We get it.

Lets give him a medal ,honor him , get him lots of money , and a hot wife,then send him home so we can move on from the past.

Oppps we did all that, except for the last part.

Kerry was a war hero too, but I guess that only matters if he was a Republican.

You mean the guy who filmed his tour for the sake of history and didn’t gain the respect of his comrades?

ROTFLMAO! Now that’s funny Peter! I don’t claim to be a D or R. I just try to watch and listen objectively. I was just simply saying that the speeches from the RNC have been pretty lame compared to the DNC’s. Obviously, no one should make a decision based on a speech.

Really?! :shock: What did he do that made him a hero?

And tossed his medals or were they fake medals and all his buddies were real?:slight_smile:

Exactly, and that was the basis of my post.

Mr. Elliott it is one thing not to be for the Republican party but it is just down right low to be so disrespectful towards veterans of war. Don’t vote for the guy but you really should stop being a total scum bag about it.