Did someone flip the off switch again?

Sure seems like the home sales around here have just about died the last 6+ weeks…anyone else seen this drop off. Its like someone fliped the switch overnight. Last week ran into a few that do full HI for 149.00. a local roofing co now doing FREE roof insp and this is a LARGE co around here…WTF is this world coming too…:shock: whats next!

To add reroof market is gone to chet guys now roofing a home for $800.00 after all materials are paid…holly crap!

CORRECTION i am not at 149… thats the other guys in

Market strong here…
Friend in New York
over $120 K last month…
Markets may vary…

Strong here too. Friend in Chicago did $75k last week! Keep up the good work Bob.:wink:

I guess you hired back your 3 inspectors?

Sounds about right but what does that K after my $75 mean?

I would have to ask the same thing

Maybe if you raised your prices, people would take you more seriously.

My base fee is more than double your fee and I’m booked solid through next week - including the weekend.

I will do a single system for that! I like Jeff have a base fee that is more than double that. Raise your prices!

Pricing as of right now…

1,201 to 1,500 sqft $300.00
1,501 to 2,000 sqft $350.00
2,001 to 2,500 sqft $390.00
2,501 to 3,000 sqft $420.00
3,001 to 3,500 sqft $450.00

Not as much as I’d like… but $149?

Even that is a little on the low side for Chicago.
Average Love Shack is closer to $350-$400 on average around here except me at $75.:slight_smile:

my base is 275.00…but when you have everyone in there brother running around town doing them for 149.00 hummm what you think is going to happen…sure they wont last long but in the mean time they are sure taking a large cut of the pie!

I wonder how it is that the “switch” is “on” for their $149 inspections but “off” for yours…

ERROR…Iam not at 149.00 that is the clowns running around town doing them for that…

Bob… newer stuff, slab on grade

And Mine is 350.00…So yea. I still see the 149.99 specials and just laugh at it. Good thing I have a solid base of agents that recommend me.

120 K was a friend of mine.
I am remaining at 1 Inspector (me) for now.
A strong referral base keeps me busy without a need to advertise.

Yeah, 75k a week is OK for this market. I did double that last week since my underwear shots on Twitter.:roll:

You would have done even better if that underwear wasn’t stained back there.:wink:

That’s not what you said in your original post, which you have since edited.

I have $199 inspectors all over my area. When you’re “competing” with lowballers, you have to lower your prices as well. I don’t compete with lowballers - lowballers are not competition.

I compete with professional property inspectors.

Nice tag line…:cool: