Did work before I confirmed, probably not getting paid, what now??

So… got a call for work from one of my typical clients asking if I could do it, of course I said yes, and I was extra excited because someone from my crew was already in the area, so the job was one Nextel beep away . Did the job, looked at my check that they send, on time every month, no problems. The thing is , when I inquired about it, another company beat us to it, so the job was done twice. They don’t want to pay, for something that they say, they didnt send a formal request to do. Mind you, me and this company do work like this all the time, one of their other sub’s fall out or no-show, and I’m there. I’m tempted to leave it alone, because this client is pretty large, and sends us the most work, but…it’s that we did.

Btw… it’s a $290.00 job!

What would you do??? Any advice?

Exactly what service did you perform?

Grass cut (large lot) and lock change, and standard bi-weekly inspection

If it’s a lage company, then the person you are dealing with made a mistake that will be embarrassing to them if they must pay twice. You will gain further favor there by eating the $290. Is the potential with that client sufficiently small that you would rather have the $290 than cash in on the opportunity?

Jim King

Did you get a name and contact information? Is there potential for continued work?
If you have a next time with them, be sure to get a name, contact information, etc . . . does this company work with purchase orders? if so, get the number of the PO or as stated a ‘formal request’
Good luck, we all continue to learn each day, chalk it up to experience and move on.

Not to be a smartass, but didnt your crew notice the grass was allready cut?

What consists of a bi-weekly inspection?

Hi Mike,

this is really a quick check to make sure that the building is secure, that the squatters haven’t moved in and that the grass gets cut. This whole area is known as service representation, and is noted for low earnings potential.

Mind you with the ammount of forclosures around there is going to be a lot of volume !!