Did you adapt your HG template to optimize for Companion?

Are there any changes to a standard HG template that will make it easier to use in the mobile version?

I lock my screen in the portrait configuration so I can see more choices

I lock portrait also. I next moved a few items so there is less scrolling and condensed some also. I shorted some of the “components” titles to have less scrolling. I have suggested that customer, report info, misc and general info be placed under one “tab” it would cause less scrolling through my “Components”.

I also shifted my comments so the most used are at the top. I added some common electrical and plumbing to such areas as the exterior, interior, attic and garages so when you are working in that section you can add those common items without going to that system.

Do you know a time frame when we will have a NACHI tamplate?

Robert, the first release of the HG InterNACHI Narratives should be within the next few days but will be based on the past organization of the narrative library and not the InterNACHI SOPs. An HG InterNACHI SOP-based version will probably be coming soon after.

On my template I have added in each section 4 additional categories called “other”. This allows me to add the picture to something that may not fit in my template. I have these areas automatically excluded and use them as I need. Sometimes I leave the title other and other times I change it accordingly.
I have found this very helpful because if you add all your photo in the correct sections using the companion it is hard to add more photos if they do not fit in that section.
hope this helps.
I look forward to seeing the finished product.

I find the same problem with the companion. Everything works great but adding a lot of photos at the site it is difficult and very time consuming.


Where do i go to get the first release of the HG InterNACHI Narratives?


I’ll announce it this here in this HG forum, Robert. Very soon.

I have the same issue.

I’ve actually timed the process of taking a photo with the companion after the narrative was completed, and the result was 12 seconds. Yea, I think I can spare 12 seconds for a photo that is already slotted in the correct placement of the report. I’m sure taking my camera out of the case powering it up taking the photo and than using whatever means available to get the photo into the report will take considerably longer than 12 seconds. Of course that is just my own opinion. :smiley: