Did you check out the logo for the Long Beach Home Inspector?

Yes, yes I did, and I think it is REALLY nice, if it is only going to be used as a GRAPHIC. It would be virtually impossible to be embroidered or used in some other ways.

As much as I really like some of the Logo’s being produced, I feel they are straying too far away from what a Logo is intended to be.

I would be curious what others think of this.

Jeff ,I know what you are saying and I feel the same way about the same muted colors being used however you need to realize this is clip art and is basically being shown to give an example or idea which can be altered with the appropriate colors and fine tuning later.

Nobody can expect to create 1,000’s of unique logos in a short period and be perfect.
The are free for crying out loud and at the very least inspiring.

I truly enjoy clicking on them.

That does not take away from my statement and opinion.

Besides, it’s a marketing thing. See the InterNACHI Certified in all of them.

I enjoy them all also. I asked for a link to their websites be posted with the new graphic so we can visit it also. Fell on deaf ears.

I agree ,would be nice however you can look up most of them.

Aye, but considering they post at least three links in their post to everything else, and they have his/her info right in front of them, how hard would it be???

Just sayin’.