Did you do a HI in Boca 11138 ?

If you think it was you please let me know.

I just have a few quick questions :slight_smile:

11138 is just the house number. It is a clipped gable and stucco house with wood deco trim.


Why don’t you ask the homeowner who did it?

Also, I might want to contact the building department to see if permits were pulled for all the updates, most notably, the removal of the rear sliding glass doors.

And…Are you branching out? :smiley:

Did someone call it something it wasn’t pose to be (roof geometry) :mrgreen:

Just guessing, I has one yesterday which was 20 feet of gable on a 245 feet perimeter and I was able to mark hip. The guy who did it on the 2011 form marked other…go figure:(

1388 total sq ft 1116 under air sq ft
built 1982
roof is 10 yrs old
wasn’t me, but if you want a complete permit history just ask :slight_smile:

Permit type preferred:
class: Renovation/Repair of Building/StructurePermit

status: Complete
Job Cost: $ 4,320.00
Applied date: Mar 29, 2005
Issued date: Apr 05, 2005
Completed date: Apr 26, 2005
Status date: Apr 05, 2005

This has always perplexed me. Why is it the gable end wall extends from end to end of the roof structure, including below the “clipped” portion, but it is not included in the total length of the non-hip feature?

Does the wind know it’s not supposed to push on the gable end wall below the clipped portion as it was not calculated as part of the total non-hip feature during a wind mitigation inspection?

Also…if the owner of the property were to install gable end bracing in compliance with the FBC, would they only need to brace the ends noted as non-hip features on the wind mitigation or the whole gable?


I just posted because some Hack gave it an all clear and it would not have passed a 4 point. I now know the company that did it. :slight_smile:

there is always someone that will pass it. You need to turn him on if you know who it is

I know the Company and it was not the normal guy, according to agent.

Plus I do not know he just is not stupid. No crime in being stupid. Licensing made them all Insta-Pros

Also if I personally did not witness it I am not going to name names :slight_smile: That would not be ethical :slight_smile:

And thus the reason we have all of the ‘insta pros’ out there. Because no one is wiling to stand up and do anything about it.

I have tried many times with fraud and NO ONE ever gives a crap. The OIR is useless and does not care about the consumers. I learned that years ago when an InterNACHI inspector was signing my name on his wind mits and I had all the proof in the world and NO ONE gave a crap. Not InterNACHI, Not the State and not the Insurance company. NO ONE CARES and it is a shame. I was not even in the Country and proved it when it all went down. But we all do not have the choice of saying screw that I am not going to do those inspections till they get it right because we have to feed our families and if we do not do the inspections then someone else will and that is a fact.

Dude, that is BS, I would of ringed this SOB’s neck if I found out someone did that

That is a shame that no one did anything, That should be a felony for falsifying along with a boot in the A S S.

Should be.

Not even our own Ethical Board dis crap.

NO ONE CARES and it is to old of a story to bring up yet again in full detail :frowning:

Your prepared for next time;) Hope there wont be a next time.

Think how easy it is pick a guy get his license and sign his name. I can assure you no one checks. The only reason I found out was because he did it so poorly they called with questions and I had to explain it wasn’t me :slight_smile:

We agree! Nothing is being done and nobody is watching. The DBPR included.

That’s why I am trying to get in less charted specialty consultation waters :slight_smile:

That’s why I did this:


Cool, I have no issues with that.

I there anything in there I have said I am against?

I wish to help builders build better homes :slight_smile: