Did you get one of these?

Happy New Year! Got an email notice this morning that my InterNACHI membership has expired in 5/03/10 and would I please submit payment for continued membership.

yup got one too.
(your membership expired on 3/18/10).
looks like a little snafu in the email system to me

I got one too.

I forwarded mine to Nick. It’s obviously a mistake, and probably no big deal, but I thought they should know. They probably intended to send out a reminder, but didn’t change the text of the message.

Yup, me too.

Looks like the Y2K hysteria was a decade too early!

I got one also expired on 10/19/2010

Same here. It may be a new revenue generating feature of our NACHI Org or did I sleep through half of 2010?


Me too :roll: :roll:. Sent it back to Fastreply

Same here. Figured it was a mistake. They are well aware as to when our dues are due. :slight_smile:

I think they’re trying to raise the money to buy DDN

Me too, Maybe they trying to tell us something

Did Nick spend to much on the December 21st Christmas Party and needs money.?:mrgreen::wink:

I got the notice as well and I just joined Dec. 09

Me too

Every body who got that email gets a new flashlight from Nick !! :smiley:

Me too. Can’t wait for my flashlight! :slight_smile:

I got it also

Maybe if we pay today we get a 50% discount :slight_smile:

I got one also!! My dues do expire 11/09/10, they are correct, just a little early for the notice.

I did as well. Maybe we won the Nick Lottery for 2010.

InterNACHI…one step ahead of the rest! :slight_smile:

Jeff Tatlock
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I got the email twice with 2 different renewal dates.

What’s up with that? :wink: