Did you know - WSIB - Ontario Inspectors

Are you aware that the new WSIB regulations went into effect on January 1st, 2013. I’m not an expert but here’s a few key points to consider:
[li]Inspections fall into the “construction” category[/li][li]Inspectors may remain exempt if:[/li][LIST]
[li]the inspector is only performing residential inspections for the homeowner or prospective homeowner[/li][li]the inspector is paid by the homeowner or prospective homeowner[/li][/ul]
[li]If we do any work in commercial inspections, or are paid by anyone else, then exemption is lost for a minimum of 3 months and all revenue (less direct material costs) in that 3 months is subject to WSIB fees [/li][li]Enforcement is via usual methods – audits, audits of others, medical injury reports etc[/li][/LIST]

I wonder if the exemption would apply if an inspector was paid by the buyer’s agent…Sometimes they do that you know…


Good point Doug - generally speaking, my understanding is if you receive payment from anyone other then the home buyer or home seller you are required to register with WSIB.

I have a couple of agents that regularly refer me and usually pay for the inspection for their clients. Based upon this strange provincial tax grab I guess I’ll suggest the agent reimburse the buyer instead of giving me a cheque.


I have given this some serious thoughts .
I do not feel Home Inspectors are in the construction Industry any more then are Lawyers, Appraisers or real estate sales persons including the Girl who answer’s the phone at these various places .
I would appreciate Claude if you can send me this information where Homies are in the construction industry .

You can find it at the WSBI website.

I agree Roy I just can’t understand where that came from…unless the Province wants more of our money (Higher premiums)

This was discussed and presented at the last meeting by one of the presenters at the SW-OAHI meeting.

Earl Glyn-Williams (Assistant Director) of WSIB presented and discussed the new WSIB Regulations that started as of January 1st. Inspections fall under the “construction” category.

Some claim to see it as another tax grab, others as another means to expose the underground economy that is blamed on hurting legitimate tax paying businesses.

Whether we agree or disagree with it, it’s now in place!

Thanks for your Report Claude .
Unfortunately this OAHI meeting again confirms what I and others have said .
It is so sad NACHI members do not get cooperation from the other Ontario associations .
It continues to be a one way street Come to NACHI and learn but never share .
It seems both OAHI/CAHPI , PHPIC and NHICC are only out for them selves .

Strange how some Inspectors feel this is OK to be selfish and gather much info from NACHI but seldom share.